What Should I do?

Do You dance really well? But you dont get the perfect place to express your talent. Register to quake the stage to participate in the dance contest.


How Do I Register?

Give us your details in the registration form given at the bottom of this page and We will guide you through...

All participants are expected to abide by the rules Regulations of the contest.


Where Should I Upload?

The participants will be asked to record the video of their dance and send the videos via google form which will be sent to your mail ID once you complete your registration.

The Video must be submitted before the deadline (26-04-2021).

All performances are limited to 4 minutes.

It can be solo/group performance.


When And Where??

The videos sent by google form will be judged by our panel of judges and the result will be declared on online platform.


Rules and Regulations

We also encourage all competitors to submit videos that are filmed horizontally, or “landscape”, instead of a vertical fashion if you are filming with your phone.

Songs must not have offensive words or meanings.

No revealing costumes are allowed.

Only basic editing is permitted in the video.

Solo and Group performances are considered as a single event hence the winners will be judged commonly based on the judgement criteria.

All decisions made by the judges are final and are not subject to appeal.


Why Should I join?

The best two perfomances will be awarded a cash prize of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 respectively.

***Any Violation of the Rules & Regulations shall lead to the disqualification of the candidature from the competition.***


Please fill in this form to Register.

Use The same Uploader to Upload the ID cards of all the partcipants.
Upload one Id at a time.
File size must be less than 1MB.