What Should I do?

Are you interested in presenting a topic on air to the live audiance? You are welcomed to join the prasthavana paper presentation contest conducted in accordance with Aurora2021.


How Do I Register?

Give us your details in the registration form given at the bottom of this page and We will guide you through...


Where Should I start?

Abstract submission should be done in the given google form. Abstract should contain atleast 10 points . Paper presentation will be held via online platform.

Your presentation should generally follow the outline of your paper and should include a brief introduction that provides the audience with a frame of reference, a main body of the presentation and a strong conclusion.

Abstract must be submitted four days before the event


When And Where??

Every participant will be given five minutes. They can use this time to present their topic to the audience.


Rules and Regulations

Keep your visuals clear and simple.

Use simple graphs, charts, and diagrams wherever possible.

Avoid using more than three font sizes per frame and try to maintain the same or similar font size from frame.

Contrasting colours work best.

Highlight your main point or heading with a dominant colour.

Avoid intensely bright or saturated colours that compete with the text.


Why Should I join?

The best three presentations will be awarded a cash prize of Rs.1500, Rs.1000 and Rs.500 respectively.

The best presentation will be published in the ICT journal.


Please fill in this form to Register.

Size of the file must be less than 1MB