What Should I do?

Hey there!! do you have awesome ideas hoping for getting some guidance for executing your ideas. New Gen is the best platform for you to showcase your ideas and get benifited. Remember You have hardware and software to choose from.


How Do I Register?

The names and ID cards of the team leader and the other team members has to be provided.

After registration the team leaders will be notified through our official mail (newgen.aurora@gmail.com).


How Should I Submit You the Ideas?

The participants should choose their problem sector and provide a solution regarding the same based on the given prototype.

Submission has to be done in the given Google form. based on the given power point presentation prototype before 3 days.


When And Where??

The date and time of the contest will be sent to you through your mail IDs. On the day of the contest, you will be given a time slot of 5 minutes in an online platform where you will be asked to present your idea live and the Jury members will query you for two minutes.


Rules and Regulations

A team can consist 1 member or a maximum of 5 members including a team leader(of any department)

A team name should be given by the team members to represent their team.

After sorting, the participants will have to present their ideas in Google meet on the event day (product prototypes are also welcomed).


Judging Criteria

    Novelty of the idea
    Clarity of the idea
    Feasibility & Practicability
    Societal Impact scale
    Presentation in prescribed format

Why Should I join?

The best three ideas will be awarded a cash prize of Rs.1500, Rs.1000 and Rs.500 respectively.


Please fill in this form to Register.

Use The same Uploader to Upload the ID cards of all the partcipants.
Upload one Id at a time.
File size must be less than 1MB.