What Should I do?

Are You a good programmer interested to join in coding contest? You are welcomed to participate in our coding and debugging contest.


How Do I Register?

Give us your details in the registration form given at the bottom of this page and We will guide you through...


Where Should I Start?

The contest has two parts. The coding contest and the Debugging contest.


When And Where??

The event will be conducted in an online coding platform. The instructions about joining the event will be sent to your mail ID once you have registered to the event.


Rules and Regulations

Participant who completes coding or decoding the incorrect code within given time will be winner.

Your code will be evaluated depending upon the correctness of the code, time complexity and space complexity.

In case of any tie, the ranking will be determined depending on the total time taken by the candidate in this round.

Do not discuss any strategy or logic of the program during a live contest.

All participants are expected to abide by the rules Regulations of the contest.

All decisions made by the judges are final and are not subject to appeal.


Why Should I join?

The first three effecient coders will be awarded a cash prize of Rs.1500, 1000 and Rs.500 respectively.

***Any Violation of the Rules & Regulations shall lead to the cancellation of the candidature from the competition.***


Please fill in this form to Register.

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